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Working Lands: Working forest
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County: Latah

Year Acquired: 2003

Acreage: 81.4

Public Access: with landowner approval

Project Partners: 
  • Landowners
  • Palouse Land Trust
Project Summary: 
The Stage property is on the lower slopes of Moscow Mountain, with 75% of the property consisting of forestland, much of which will remain in timber production.  Approximately 25% of the property is classified as productive agricultural land.  This portion of the property is also appropriate for prairie restoration.  Large ponderosa pines are present on this property and will be managed to preserve and develop large specimens.  Research indicates that most of the ponderosa pine forests of Latah County have been replaced by agriculture. 

Project Goals: 
  • Retain the property forever in its forested and scenic open space condition
  • Allow for sustainable timber management, forest ecosystem conservation and protection, habitat protection and enhancement, and farming and/or grazing.
  • Provide the opportunity for educational institutions to teach practical forestry applications with prior permission/approval from the owners.