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An Urban Oasis
2.17 acres of natural wetland and wildlife habitat are now permanently protected, nestled in the north end of Moscow More »
New Prairie Preserve Established
Thanks to our wonderful supporters, we recently bought 62 acres of rare Palouse Prairie habitat, protecting some of the best prairie habitat left in Latah County. More »
2016 Conservation Celebration
Thanks to our incredible sponsors, supporters, and community partners, this year's event promises to be the best yet!  More »
Fun in the Sun
Are the mountains calling you?  Are the lakes and rivers?  The trails?  Get out there and heed the call!  Check out our infographic for safety information, tips, tricks, and suggestions for your next summer adventure. More »
Addition of a legacy
Save the date: Celebrate the inclusion of Elinor McCloskey's land to Pullman's Sunnyside Park on Saturday, June 11. More »
Endangered Palouse Prairie Preserved
Your support has helped the French family of Moscow, permanently protect 21 acres of wildlife habitat and native Palouse Prairie in Latah County.  Please read on to learn about the newest completed conservation project here on the Palouse. More »
Conservation in Bear Creek Canyon
Jim and Zoe Cooley are celebrating the establishment of a conservation easement to protect 99 acres of land surrounding the West Fork of Little Bear Creek outside of Troy.  The property includes 4/5 of a mile of stream corridor identified as some of the most critical wild steelhead habitat in the Potlatch River system.  More »
Gifts of Stock: a simple way to make a difference
Gifts of appreciated stock are an easy way to make a meaningful contribution to local land conservation while also potentially saving on capital gains taxes. More »
IRA Charitable Rollovers are Back
Make the gift of a lifetime!  On December 18th, Congress renewed the Charitable IRA Rollover, allowing eligible individuals to make significant gifts to their favorite charities from their IRAs, tax-free. More »
2015 Year In Review
Take a moment to learn more about the great things you have made possible this year at the Land Trust. More »
The McCloskey Easement: A little open space to play in
Elinor McCloskey donates a conservation easement adjacent to Pullman's Sunnyside Park, ensuring a place to play for future generations. More »
PLT at the Alternative Giving Market
The Palouse Land Trust is proud to be one of 32 participating charities in the 7th Annual Alternative Giving Market of the Palouse.  Shop Local.  Buy Local.  Give Local.   More »
Hay/Pasture Clearinghouse
The Idaho County Extension office is providing a hay and pasture clearinghouse for people who are in need of hay or pasture due to the fires.   More »
Land Trust achieves national recognition
The Palouse Land Trust has achieved national recognition by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission as one of the nation’s 317 Accredited Land Trusts. More »
1.8 miles of the South Fork of the Palouse River permanently protected
What started off as one couple’s dream — to protect an incredible wildlife corridor for future generations — has now become a reality. Nearly 2 miles of the South Fork of the Palouse River has now been permanently protected by a conservation easement, forever protecting what wildlife agencies have called "some of the best remaining wildlife habitat in Whitman County.” More »
Conservation Project Profile: Idler's Rest
My first visit to Idler’s Rest Nature Preserve was on there commendation of friends who had been living in Moscow for a few years. They said it was a unique place very close to town, the perfect spot for a quick hike without driving too far, and a beautiful patch of protected old-growth cedar forest. I couldn’t pass up a recommendation like that and so I drove northeast of town on Mountainview Road until there was a fork in the road; veered right; left the farm fields behind and entered the forest at the base of Moscow Mountain. My friends were right, Idler’s Rest is a very special place. More »
The Big Year
"It all started at dinner,” Gerry Wright says with a laugh.  "They were going on and on about how many bird species were native to Idaho and I was getting bored of the whole thing,so I said ‘I bet you can’t see all of them in a year.’”  Not one to turn down a challenge, Mike Scott accepted the bet, and thus began ‘The Big Year’ for Mike and Sharon Scott.

The goal: see 250 species in 365 days... More »
Conservation Project Profile: Lewis Easement
Just a few miles north of Moscow, off Lewis Road lies a farm at the base of Moscow Mountain.  After the owner of the farm, Joe Lewis, passed away, the land was sold to a developer who planned to rezone the land for a housing subdivision.  Twice the rezoning request was denied but the new landowner kept trying.   A group of concerned neighbors came together with the hopes of making sure that didn’t happen. More »
Remembering Terri Grzebielski
We were all heartbroken to hear of Terri's passing on January 10th. She was a friend of the Palouse Land Trust as well as a friend of many of our members. Her enthusiasm and strong energy drew us in and her smile was infectious. There are many stories about her deep impact on our community and we have enjoyed hearing them from all of you. Below, Charles Burke, a board member, shares one particular story about Terri that demonstrated her love of music, her commitment to this community, and her support for our work in particular.
 More »
Palouse Partners in Olympia
We were in Olympia last week with our partners in the Palouse River watershed for an exciting announcement.  Read on to learn how we can accomplish so much more for our region when we work together. More »
Conservation Project Profile: Berman Creekside Park
In 1997 the Land Trust finished its first conservation easement on the Berman property that has now become the Berman Creekside Park as part of Moscow's Parks Department. Read about the history of this gem along Paradise Creek. More »
Thank you!
There is a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving season.  Click here for a glimpse of what we're thankful for all year long. 
A Family Shares their Stories of the Land
Recently about two dozen folks had the pleasure of hearing stories and getting a personal tour of the Stage property — land on Moscow Mountain that has been forever conserved as a working forest and wildlife habitat. Marjory Stage and her daughter, Helen Stroebel, were excited to share their stories and show us what they have been doing to ensure the property is forever kept healthy and beautiful. More »
New Land Trust office
We've moved!  The Land Trust can now be found in our new office space at 312 S. Washington Street in downtown Moscow. More »
Neuman Easement in Troy
(July 23, 2013)  Judy LaLonde, owner of Big Meadow Creek Alpacas in Troy, donated a conservation easement over 49 acres of her farm - permanently protecting the forest and wildlife habitat along Big Meadow Creek.  Read the article from the Moscow-Pullman Daily News hereMore »
Students Map Idler's Rest
Nov. 9, 2012 - We were thrilled to have students from Palouse Prairie School for Expeditionary Learning come to Idler's Rest for their expedition on Lewis and Clark.  The sixth graders from Greg Miller-Pierce's class came out and mapped the trails at Idler's Rest.  Check out the article in the Moscow-Pullman Daily News here.
Montgomery Farm protected
Kay Montgomery established a conservation easement on 40 acres of farmland in Moscow.  Her easement protects the farm where she and her husband raised their four daughters.   More »
Section of Palouse prairie preserved under easement
Land will remain a permanent research opportunity on the diverse ecosystem
By Christina Lords, Daily News staff writer
A 160-acre parcel of property on Gormsen Butte in southwestern Latah County recently has been set aside as a part of a conservation easement to protect a local native and endangered ecosystem - a remnant of the Palouse prairie. The easement is the culmination of several years of work and is a collaborative effort between the property owners, Frank and Rebecca Hill of Moscow, the Palouse Land Trust, the Latah Soil and Water Conservation District, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. More »
St. Maries River Easement
The Palouse Land Trust was approached in 2006 by the Emerald Creek Garnet Company and the Army Corp of Engineers. They proposed that the Palouse Land Trust accept a conservation easement on 80 acres of St. Maries river corridor after Emerald Creek had mined the stream side for garnets. The company would be required to completely restore the stream bed and banks, and would be required to permanently restrict any future development of the 80 acre property. More »
Protecting the Water Howellia
Howellia aquatilis (Water Howellia) has to be one of the strangest plants in North Idaho. This inconspicuous annual grows in vernal pools and sprouts in the fall when the pools fill up. It flowers first in the spring, underwater, and then again later in the summer in the open air after the pools have dried out. Water Howellia is a very rare plant and has a range that defies logic. It is known only from a handful of locations: Flathead Lake, Ft. Lewis, Turnbull Wildlife Refuge, and in our own back yard along the Palouse River near Harvard. The only species in its genus, taxonomists aren’t even sure it really belongs in the Campanulaceae (Bellflower) family. More »
Through the Secret Passageway to Rabbit Hills Preserve
It was only a humble hayfield, five acres of grassland bordered by windrows of interwoven trees and bushes. Yet when the DeSantis family moved next door, that field blossomed in their lives and hearts. Now, more than 3 decades later, the land has become their legacy. In an inspiring example of selflessness, they bought the land to save it. They preserved that hayfield as a green space for the community to enjoy. More »