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Working Lands: Urban agriculture
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County: Latah

Year Acquired: 1999

Acreage: 20

Public Access: with landowner approval

Project Partners: 
  • Landowners
  • Palouse Land Trust
Project Summary: 
When Maynard and Margaret Fosberg moved to their property in 1951, there was no phone service and wheat grew right up to the house.  The were "so far away" from Moscow that they couldn't get milk delivery at the house.

Over the years, the city of Moscow sprung up around them and their 20-acre homestead is now surrounded by homes and schools.  With the Junior High across Mountain View Rd, and McDonald Elementary School just down D street, and neighborhoods all around them, their land would've been a natural candidate for subdivision.  The Fosbergs indeed had multiple offers from developers over the years, but the property was too special to let it go that direction.

The Fosbergs knew that the community would benefit from having open space within the otherwise urbanizing enveironment, so they worked with the Land Trust to permanently protect their land. 

The fields along Mountain View Road still produce hay.  Paradise Creek runs through the property, providing habitat for ducks, geese, songbirds, pheasant, racoons, muskrats, cottontails, and at times, beaver.  The Fosbergs have worked diligently to plant riparian vegetation to restore the creek, and they've been working closely with the Latah Soil and Water Conservation District and the Palouse Prairie Foundation to restore native Palouse Prairie on a portion of the property.

People of all ages enjoy the open space as they walk, bike, and drive past the property, stopping at the bridge to look for ducks and other wildlife.  Now, because of the Fosbergs' foresight, people will continue to enjoy the view for generations to come.

Project Goals: 
  • Ensure the property is retained forever predominantly in its current natural, scenic, agricultural, and open space condition.