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Fish & Wildlife Habitat: Wetlands
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County: Benewah

Year Acquired: 2005

Acreage: 81.7

Public Access: No

Project Partners: 
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Emerald Creek Garnet Company
  • Palouse Land Trust
Project Summary: 
This property is along the St. Maries River.  The easement was acquired as a condition of a permit to mine garnets from the property.  Following mining in the area, the property will be reclaimed, creating reconstructed wetlands, with a greater area of wetlands created than existed before mining.  Mining will not disturb the river itself.

Project Goals: 
  • Restore and retain forever the natural, scenic, and open space condition of the property
  • Protect wetland functions and values, riparian habtiat for fish and aquatic organisms, wildlife habitat, natural values, scencic values and open space values.
News for this Easement: St. Maries River Easement

Conservation Partner: Emerald Creek Garnet Co.

The Palouse Land Trust was approached in 2006 by the Emerald Creek Garnet Company and the Army Corp of Engineers. They proposed that the Palouse Land Trust accept a conservation easement on 80 acres of St. Maries river corridor after Emerald Creek had mined the stream side for garnets. The company would be required to completely restore the stream bed and banks, and would be required to permanently restrict any future development of the 80 acre property.

Emerald Creek and the Corp have partnered in other, award winning restoration projects. PLT inspection of other Emerald Creek Garnet Company restoration sites showed an impressive commitment to conservation.  Special thanks to Janice Smith-Hill for her extraordinary efforts in negotiating the easement and stewardship funding with the representatives of Emerald Creek Garnet and the Corp of Engineers.